Thursday, December 18, 2014

LEA AiR for Asmita and Sable

Asmita Duranjaya and Sable (snakeappletree) will participate in the 8th round of the Artist-in-Residence program by Linden Lab: They will continue their work started on a small scale at Space 4 Art and extend this project to a full-sim surreal sf-oriented asian-influenced cyber-city based on fractal and handpainted textures applied on 3-D-sculpties. The visitors will be actively integrated by a story and a game based structure with a final solution either utopic or dystopic.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Sisi Biedermann (Denmark): WaterWorld

... in the MBK Gallery from now until the end of January 2015 => . The Danish RL-artist shows some awesome paintings related to the topic "Water". Sisi has always a strong connection to nature and has transformed the MBK Gallery into a snowy winter-paradise embedding her paintings. Cordial invitation to all art-enthusiasts in Second Life.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

RoofTopExhibition November/December 2014

Grazietta Cazenove, an Italian RL-artist, shows "Remembering ... between Light and Shadow" on the rooftop at Space 4 Art. The poetic exhibition is open from now until the end of December: .

Monday, November 3, 2014

CyberTalk at Space 4 Art

The link 
leads to a webpage with excerpts from the first panel-discussion about the term CyberArt with Honour McMillan (blogger), maikelkay (SF-writer), Sable/snakeappletree (artist), yvan Slade (curator), Fuschia Nightfire (artist), Harter Fall (artist) and Miriam Evanier (moderator):

The panel was part of the re-opening of the two art sims Space 4 Art and Port Lydius. Another art event was the vernissage of the exhibition "Crows, Trees and Landscapes" by the Sri Lankan artist Nelun Harasgama/ Ohe53 in SL. 
At the end the guests could enjoy a chill out cyber-dance party in the new lounge of Miriam Evanier. Every thursday a cyber-dance party will take place in the future with exclusive playlists by Miriam for the sophisticated dancer and for pretentious music enthousiasts.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Grand ReOpening

of the sim basis art installations at Space 4 Art and the neighbour sim Port Lydius on 2nd of November. We will celebrate this with the opening of an art presentation of the Sri Lankan artist Ohe53/Nelun Harasgama ( with DJ Ginniji, a panel discussion on the term CyberArt ( with Fuschia Nightfire, Harter Fall, Rage Darkstone, Yvan Slade, Thirza Ember, reini Apfelbaum, maikelkay, moderated by Miriam Evanier, and a dance party ( in the new CyberLounge with music for the sophisticated taste selected by DJane Miriam. It will start at 12am SLT and all art aficionados are welcome.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Xirana Oximoxi

shows her new collection of drawings on the RoofTop of the Space 4 Art Gallery: .

The artist plays this time with scenes and persons from the ancient European mythology.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

MBK Gallery presents ...

Ranadeep, the Indian fractal artist comes up with a new topic: Rubik's World. Let's see how the inventor of the famous color cube refers to Ranadeep's fractals. The opening will be held on Sunday, 12th of October at 1pm SLT with the Asian ambient sound of DJ Ginniji. Cordial invitation: .

Friday, September 19, 2014

On the RoofTop again ....

...this time Mater Rhode is the RoofTopArtist. He shows a wide variety from RL-photography, digital collages to digital abstracts: . The show is open from NOW.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Result of the Art Auction at Space 4 Art

Midnight today the art auction at Space 4 Art has finished and the art pieces have been delivered to the last bidders. Winners of the 30% profit share are with 2200L each:
- kjs Yip and his work "Percebes:

- Theda Tammas with her piece "My twisted Mind ... sinks ... darker ... deeper ...":

and last not least Tallulah Winterworlf with her artwork "what the man says":

Congratulations to all and thanks for rising some funds for the difficult situation of the two art sims Space 4 Art and Port Lydius!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Asmita's Fractosphere at Anéli's Maison

The artist, working since 7 years in the virtual world, has played with 3d-fractals, applied them on sculpts, designing a surrealist landscape to walk through immersively.
Opening will be on 7th of October around 12am SLT. .

Sunday, August 31, 2014

FIAT 2014 Asmita Duranjaya and ChapTer Kronfeld at ... . 

Due to Owl Braveheart's invitation the two Space 4 Art landlord-artists share the exhibition area in an art gallery-building for the Fine Arts Tour 2014. ChapTer's art installation fills two rooms and the title "Lügenwaffen" refers to the recent gaza-conflict.
Asmita Duranjaya has played with snail-fractals and presents an exhibition with the topic "Worlds in SnailShells", smaller and bigger 3-D-pieces, one enclosing a "real" avatar. 

Cordial invitation to have a look at these exhibitions!

Friday, August 15, 2014

RoofTopExhibition Space 4 Art with Walt Ireton

and his show titled "City Windows" and the subtitle real life photos from a virtual reality. The photos are taken in very ordinary situations in RL, but Walt makes them artwork with a lot of expression and impressive quality. Enjoy his rooftop-exhibition from 19th of August until 15th of September 2014: .

Saturday, August 9, 2014

NEW ARTsim has been founded

in connection with the longtime existing sim Space 4 Art (ChapTer Kronfeld, kjs Yip/Miara Lubitsch, Louly Loon and Asmita Duranjaya). The concept of Space 4 Art consists of 3 elements:
- using the sim basis for bigger conceptual art installations:
- using level 1000 as gallery area for the landlord-artists and for artists in residence;
- building workshops and private areas above level 2000.
The concept is now shared by a powerful international artist-team, who is also interested in sharing the capacity of 2 sims for events and performances. In the long term all expect a synergy-effect of a strong art-community.
To the recent art-community belong 
- Sisi Biedermann (Denmark), who has shifted her Gualdo-Art-Center to the new sim;
- Carabella Babii (UK);
- Lusus Saule (Spain);
- kayly Iali (USA);
- ChapTer Kronfeld (Germany);
- Asmita Duranjaya building 8 cyber-art-studios on level 1000, who can be rented by artists in residence, whose work refers to the term "cyber". 
The 1st event in order to sponsor the arts, artists and the opening-celebration for the new and old sim is an art auction, organized by Asmita Duranjaya and starting on 15th of August at 1pm SLT. Each of the 25 artists, who reside on the 2 sims in the moment have contributed one exclusive piece of art, which has never been shown before in Second Life and which can be purchased by auction until 15th of September. The 3 best placed artists with the highest biddings will be awarded by sharing 30% of the profit in the whole auction. The auction place is the TopGallery at Space 4 Art.The final opening event with performances, exhibitions, lectures and readings will be in September, after finishing the main building activities.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

MBK-Gallery: Celestine Ghiardie - Stories of ...

Celestine is a Danish mesh-artist, since long years member of the art community Space 4 Art and one of her favourites is the creation of mythical looking mesh-animals. For the MBK-exhibition she has intervowen them with storylines as floating animations on the walls. The opening is on Sunday, 10th of August 2014 at 1pm SLT. Cordial invitation. .

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Space 4 Art: Going Cyber

Going Cyber is the title of the recent ARThabitat-exhibition by Asmita Duranjaya. The term CyberArt will play a major role in the next time at Space 4 Art, because there is a lack of definition, what cyber art really means. Asmita tries to define the term for herself and shows a variety of pieces, which could label this term in her eyes. Comments are welcome. .

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Spatula Delights - Mountain Sides

is the title of a beautiful exhibition of RL-paintings with spatula technique by kayly Iali. All brandnew pictures are inspired by kayly's excursions to mountainous landscapes. The opening is on Tuesday, 15th of July 2014 starting from 1pm SLT on the RoofTopGallery at Space 4 Art: .

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Photo-Impressions in the French Alps

by Nils Urqhart are shown in the Top-Gallery of Space 4 Art until 15th of July 2014. Nils is an RL photographer and loves landscape and city photography. 

Monday, June 9, 2014

Tales of the Future at SL11B

Asmita's cyber-tree at the SL11B festival shows on its platforms some mini-installations of a bigger cycle at the art-sim Space 4 Art on the topic "Tales of the Future", also following a full sim installation at LEA in January 2014.
The tales have not all a positive end, but are more dystopic and show the negative results, which could happen, if we don't care now. Participating artists in the project "Tales of the Future" have been: Asmita Duranjaya, maikelkay Resident, ChapTer Kronfeld, Louly Loon, kjs Yip and Celestine Ghiardie.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Moewe Winkler: Inside the Loop

Her exhibition at the MBK Gallery is an interactive firework for friends of kinetic virtual art - an absolute Must-Have-Seen. Moewe Winkler, who insists in developing all scripts herself shows the impact of art in the virtuality: perturbing the onlooker with unexpected effects lets him question his mental schemes and guides him to new perspectives. Vernissage: 8th of June 2014 1pm SLT at .

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Fractal Art from a modern INDIA

Countless gallery-owners in Second Life are charming this young Indian artist, who has become a real shooting star in the art scene of Second Life with his new way to make fractals attractive pieces of art, which everybody wants to own. Space 4 Art is glad to host this talent as an artist in residence and is proud to announce his first RoofTopExhibition with the title "Sense of the Future: CyberFractals by Ranadeep".
This celebration of forms and colors can be visited from 15th of May until 13th of June at this slurl: .

Friday, April 25, 2014

Nightmares by Asmita Duranjaya at Aakriti

With the exhibition nightmares Asmita shows once more a conceptual installation, which can be perceived as provocative, confusing and distressing. It is an immersive interactive show for all senses, which can be stressed in virtual worlds. The installation follows the tradition of the so called concept art and scripts, sounds, particles, prim- and sculpt-objects are used to express a mental condition associatively in a 3D-arrangement. The opening will take place on Sunday, 27th at 1:30 in Ranadeep's Aakriti Gallery (now shown on Space 4 Art Asmita's tp: Huge Installations:) .

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Colours by Sisi Biedermann - RoofTopExhibition Space 4 Art

The well known SL-artist Sisi Biedermann shows for one month some of her RL-paintings in a RoofTop-Exhibition at the Space 4 Art Gallery. Some of them are also part of a recent RL exhibition of the artist in Copenhagen. Sisi's paintings are colourful and vivid and a joy for every aficionado of RL-art in SL. .

Saturday, April 12, 2014

In Motion by Asmita

All the pieces, which Asmita has created for the Galeria Mexico have one or more elements in motion. They show the main script palette used to animate virtual artwork in Second Life. The exhibition shows the recent tendency of Asmita Duranjaya's work to work with cyber-elements. According to this topic the visitor will find an avi in the gallery, playing on an electronic musical instrument called Theremin and used to produce a SF-soundscape. The music example is a collage from sounds of the movie Forbidden Planet, whose soundtrack has been produced by Louis and Bebe Barron in 1956. The strange electronical sounds can be accompanied by a slow dance as well.The Opening will be on Sunday 13th of April at 2:30pm SLT: .

Saturday, April 5, 2014

... there you Haveit ...

... the Roll of the Dice has come to MBK with the outstanding art of the remarkable artist Haveit Neox. Roll of the Dice does not mean the same like the die is cast - no, the artist seems to preserve a spark of hope, that the humans could be able to avoid the desaster of destroying the planet earth by environmental pollution. 
Haveit has changed the ancient market hall, which serves as the MBK Gallery for years, in his unique way to make it a fascinating art experience, consisting of several layers, and immersive in the sense of challenging the visual, intellectual and associative ability of the visitor. This is virtual art in the best and most attractive sense! The opening will take place on 13th of April 2014 at 1pm SLT. Cordial invitation to all serious art enthusiasts in Second Life. .

Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Way To You

is the title of the new exhibition in the ARThabitat of Asmita Duranjaya. It shows pictures on the basis of android-painting and 3D-fractals, giving the ARThabitat a completely new atmosphere. The show is open from now... .

Neeks Karu shows her SCULPTURES

... in the RoofTopGallery at Space 4 Art. Neeks is an Australian artist and creates elegant, texureless prim-sculptures for use at any place, be it your home or a public space etc. The show will be open from 15th this month to 15th next month. Come and enjoy! .

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Space 4 Art RoofTopExhibitions 2014

The 1st artist on the Rooftop - Exhibition - Area is SINA SOUZA, who shows her dark, symbolic SL-photography art. 
The presentation starts at 15th of February and will end at 14th of March. .

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

End-Result SkullArtContest

During the sim-party at Space 4 Art on last Sunday the winners of the SkullArtContest have been awarded. Two artists had to share the 1st prize with 1500L each: Samara Furse-Barzane with her socio-critical photo-collage "Genocides" and HOLALA Alter with his animated "SkullArtMuseum". The 2nd prize with 2000L received kayly Iali with her SL-version of the RL-painting "The Skull with Yellow Flower", where she uses the skull in the traditional way as a symbol of "vanitas". 500L each as a shared 3rd prize went to Eifachfilm Vacirca and Fafner Hofmann, who both had created expressive variations of the skull-topic. All participants, who did not win a prize, received 100L for their efforts. The contributions for art contests at Space 4 Art run through a sophisticated voting system with 5 judges and public voting. This guarantees a relative objectivity, but everybody should be aware, that objectivity in judgements on art can never be reached. Nevertheless: congratulations to the winners! The winning pieces are on display until end of the month February 2014 on the rooftop.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Space 4 Art Sim ReOpening 2014

TALES of the FUTURE remains the topic for the art sim Space 4 Art, which has been completely reshaped in January 2014. The old and new landlords Asmita Duranjaya, ChapTer Kronfeld, Louly Loon, Celestine Ghiardie, kjs Yip and Miara Lubitsch have worked intensely to present a new gallery landscape on level 1000 and to construct major art installations on the sim basis. The visitor arrives at the landing spot beside a time machine. From there five arrows guide him to the five land areas, which tell their very own tale of the future, based on a story which forms the framework and can be found under the time machine. Discovering the 5 different futurist, utopic or dystopic art installations leads to a spot, where the guest will get a usefull gift.
The Special Guest at the beginning of the opening party will be JORDAN REYNE, the well-known steampunk singer in RL and SL. She starts her one-hour-program on 9th of February at 11am. The presentation of the art installation including the gift hunt will start at 12am SLT and at 1pm SLT will be the awarding ceremony for the winners of the SkullArtContest. Half an hour later the SF-author Kueperpunk Korhonen will complete the program with the reading of one of his future tales in English. Thanks to pyramidcafetv (Sergej Zarf) the program will be recorded and published. 
See also:

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

NEW MBK Exhibition with INSTINCTA

Modern virtual art from Finland is presented in the MBK Gallery during February and March 2014. Instincta von Helsinki shows demure, carefully animated pieces of minimalist beauty. Celebrate with us the opening of this newcomer artist in Second Life on 2nd of February at 1pm SLT: .

Sunday, January 12, 2014

LEA 25 - A Cooperative SIM - Art - Project

Thanks to an initiative of Secret Rage 17 artists in Second Life got the chance to participate in an interim LEA-project using a full sim for one month to create something expressive. Asmita Duranjaya as one of them got LEA 25 and started a cooperation with German SF-author and ambient composer Michael K. Iwoleit (maikelkay in SL). The outcome of this collaboration will be open for the public from 15th of January and it consists of five immersive visualisations of maikelkay's Ambient Etudes 1, 4, 5, 6 and 7. The sim basis has been shaped as a blueish foreign planet with a dome structure in the center serving as landing point and stage hall with entrance doors to the five interactive projections of the ambient soundscapes in sky spots.

The 1st one, based on Ambient Etude 5, is a tunnel with 37 sound slices, which enable the visitor to hear and recompose the music piece in his own speed and way. It is like a sound jigsaw.

For the 2nd visualisation the visitor has to switch on the video- (media-) button in his viewer. It shows a machinima with the music of Ambient Etude 1 enhanced with some emotional effects.
"Tides of Sound" invites the visitor to a crystal water cave, where he can float on blossom leaves to enjoy the subtle soundscape of Ambient Etude 6 (best viewed in mouse-look).
Carried away to the Floating Spheres, the visitor can enjoy Ambient Etude 7 feeling agravic in space and time surrounded by planets and cosmic orbs.
The music is provided by a browser-link and the view is best in mouse-look.

Last not least the visitor is abducted to the Alien-Sound-World, where he has to fight against the power of a black hole and some alien organisms, who seem not to react friendly in the first moment of contact. People, who are easily scared, should not visit this place.

The two weeks of presentation are highlighted by two live-events:
On January 18th at 2pm SLT Michael K. Iwoleit will read his story "Planck Time" in English and on January 19th at 1pm a live-concert will take place with a new Ambient Etude of maikelkay surrounded with a live-particle show by Asmita.
See also: .
Cordial invitation to discover and enjoy LEA 25 in January 2014!

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