Thursday, January 12, 2017

interstellART presents: Parisian Women & Women in Paris

... is the title of the next beautiful photo-exhibition by French writer, blogger and photographer Frantz Catteneo. It shows, in combination with songs, sensitive, colorful and fascinating snapshots of adorable Parisian women & women in Paris, photos taken on the artist's extended walks through his home-town.

Visitors are cordially invited to join the vernissage in the new art deco-gallery on Sunday, 22nd of January 2017 at 1pm SLT. .

Thursday, December 15, 2016

White Frost Beauty

Portraits and landscapes in this interstellART-exhibition look like covered by white frost and show the beauty of winter-time, surely a bit alienated like on another planet, but frosty like on earth... .

Friday, December 9, 2016

A Frenchman In New York

... is the title of another awesome photo-exhibition by French writer, blogger and photographer Frantz Catteneo (Francois Roland). It is the first exhibition on the newly found and founded art-sim interstellART: and it shows a brilliant, empathic, sometimes humorous collection of photos taken during the artists's visits to New York in the last years. 

Frantz Catteneo's concept includes to provide every picture with a suitable piece of music, that can be heard by clicking the photo. During the vernissage all the songs will be played by DJane Ginniji on a live-stream. 
The new sim has a futuristic environment and several galleries with changing exhibitions on the sim-basis (Fractopolis) and on level 1000; recent artist-inhabitants are Asmita Duranjaya, Frantz Catteneo, Mason Woller, Merit Coba, Barret Darkfold, lalie Sorbet, Ohe54 and Claude Belgar.

Interested artists can contact Asmita Duranjaya.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Virtual Beauties in CyberSpace

The exhibition "Virtual Beauties in CyberSpace" is a cooperative project of German artist Asmita Duranjaya and French photographer Frantz Catteneo. In the focus of the project is the term "CYBER" and Asmita's affinity to cyber-fashion; the passionate photographer Frantz created collages of the cyber-dressed models in a surreal sci-fi-world, some dystopic, some utopic. Asmita's idea was, to show the variety of cyber-fashion and the fun she had with mixing parts of several brands. Frantz intended to accentuate the sensuality of female cyber-models in his collages, often in opposition to an inhospitable environment. As an additional highlight, he has chosen suitable pieces of music for every picture, which can be heard by clicking on the artwork and opening the specific webpage.

The show is free and non-commercial; tips are welcome. The stylecards of the three models are available in the free gift artwork at the entrance of the gallery on the sim basis and on this notecard.

Model Larita will guide the guests through the show, whilst model Venus will work as a DJane. Artist and model Asmita Duranjaya as well as Frantz Catteneo can be contacted for further questions.

Enjoy the exhibition and join the opening on October 2nd at 1pm SLT with a live concert by German SF-author and ambient-musician maikelkay (aka M. K. Iwoleit in RL). .

Monday, September 26, 2016


Monday, 26th of September, artist Asmita Duranjaya will present a hybrid Fracticularium: fracticles and physical objects will appear infront of the audience andthough colors and shapes look playful, the onlooker can become scared of attacking prims ;-).
Nevertheless join the event at the usual place and time and relax with the ambient music-stream. .

Saturday, September 17, 2016


The show must go on - Monday 19th with CyberVibrancy, a Fracticularium made of silvery metal waves, power orange fracticles and Larita as a dancer in a cyber-outfit, originally in black and white but bathed in a green environmental neon-light. New dance-choreography with Ambient music - all arranged by Asmita Duranjaya in the usual place at 1pm SLT on Space 4 Art:

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

German Artist Emma Fargis

presents water-color images in the MBK Gallery with the title "Entlang des Wassers" (Along the Water). Her impressions were mainly inspired by river Elbe in her home environment. Emma has changed the gallery to an immersive virtual water-scenery with sensual enhancements like sound, mist, animals and plants. The opening party will take place on Sunday 4th of September at 1pm SLT:

The show is open until end of October 2016. Cordial invitation!

Sunday, August 7, 2016


A playful interactive cyber-exhibition
by Asmita Duranjaya
luculus (Latin) = grove, small forest
FracticuLuculus=the trees consist of fracticles
fracticle=mixture of fractal and particle
interactive=the visitor triggers the action
playful=it is a game with a solution
cyber=it has a utopic atmosphere
Where? Space 4 Art level 1000 .

When? From Monday 8th of August 2016 1pm SLT
Opening with fracticle-show (20 minutes)
Fracticle-dancefloor etc.
Gifts, gatchas, freebies are waiting ...

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Elle Thorkveld - MBK Gallery

"Random Assets" is the title of the exhibition by Elle Thorkveld, who classifies herself as a generative artist. That means her artistic creations are produced by a software, which has been prepared and instructed by the artist up to a certain degree. The result is un-intentional and randomly, a kind of cooperation between the software and the artist. The pieces in the MBK Gallery shown by Elle are partly animated and focus mostly on one specific shape and a carefully chosen color-palette. The show will be on display until end of August 2016: .

Virtuelle Welten